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Energy Vitamin B12 Hangover Cure Shots

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Energy Vitamin B12 Hangover Cure Shots Helps with Hangovers, Low Energy & Focus Pack of 3 glass vials Hangover Rescue: Drinking our vitamin B12 & caffeine shot before and after alcohol helps replenish essential nutrients lost. Our shots also have amino acids, magnesium, vitamins, green tea extract and electrolytes. Drink plenty of water and ibuprofen can also help.   3 Glass Vials of Flavors: Watermelon Splash Pineapple Green Apple Mix in a small, 6 oz glass of cold seltzer water. Regular water also works. Reduces hangover symptoms and fatigue. Boosts metabolism. Replenishes electrolytes. Vitamin B12 is excellent for: Reducing anxiety and depression Improving feelings of wellbeing Regulating your moods Improving short-term memory Supporting bone health, and Enhancing immunity Ingredients: Vitamin B12, amino acids, electrolytes, green tea leaf extract, organic sugar, fruit powder, potassium, magnesium, caffeine Nt. Wt. 10ml per vial