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Up North Trading Co.

RIDE Up North - Charity Sign

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What's a summer Up North without a whole system of amazing trails to ride?!  The severe storms this summer have wiped out the vast majority of the Great North Woods ATV trails.  Many of our favorite escapes are inaccessible and won't be ready for riding until we can all come together as a community to support our Great North Woods ATV Riders ATV Club in their repair efforts.  The images speak for themselves - the damage is absolutely devastating.  Trails are wiped out, bridges washed away, roadways completely crumbled.  They cannot do it alone. 

When we learned that the total damages were nearing half a million dollars... and will more than likely effect many of our favorite snowmobile trails this coming winter too, we had to jump in and help out. 

Up North Trading Co. has partnered with The Buck Rub Pub and the Great North Woods ATV Riders Club to launch "Save Our Trails" - a fundraiser to support rebuilding our beautiful trail system.  100% of all profits from tees, hoodies & signs will be donated back directly to the club to use in their rebuilding and maintenance efforts.

Our RIDE Up North Twine Hanging Sign is the perfect sign for any wreath or door!  Let your guests know that you've gone out on the trails for the day!  Hang it on the barn, sled shed, your front door, or add it to a wreath or hook to greet your guests in style!  This twine hanging sign is crafted of solid rustic pine for a vintage look.

**NOTE:  This is a presale item.  Actual order will ship early August.

Measures 6”H x 11”W x 1”D